The More You Know! [#scms15]

Hi, folks. I’ve got a few new resources to share as #scms15 approaches next week. First of all, have a listen to the latest episode of Cinema Journal’s Aca-Media podcast, which contains a segment about Montreal that I put together with Eric Powell. Then, check out this Google Map that I’ve created—it points you to all of the restaurants, bars, and cultural landmarks that you may want to visit while you’re here (I’ll continue to add more descriptive info over the next week). And finally, I’m working on a Google Doc of “Vocabulaire Montréalais” — check it out, and feel free to add suggestions or questions.

Make sure to follow Cinema Journal‘s #scms15 accounts on Twitter and Instagram for general information about the conference (I’ll be doing some guest-tweeting and instagramming from those handles), and as always, feel free to tweet me @virtualcasey with any questions!

See you soon! / à bientôt! 


[image credit: Jeff]

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